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ROMANIA is proTESTING. The unseen story behind the largest protests over the past 25 years

Two weeks ago, an emergency decree that would have decriminalized several graft offences enraged people, who took to the streets. Thousands of Romanians in over 70 cities began to #resist for an idea. A new generation spoke up. Digi24 is streaming, today at 21:00, the first documentary about the events of the past two weeks, events that made Romania hold first page of the entire international press.


„We wanted to show some of the things that weren't seen on TV these days. There was no way to capture everything. Working with this has shown us that regardless of where they are protesting all Romanians have the same ideals. The only difference is the way they express themselves. The nation has reached the maturity to protect itself”, says Oana Despa, producer for Digi24.

Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj, Alexandria - hundreds of thousands of Romanians got out in the streets after government Grindeanu`s former Justice Minister Florin Iordache announced the famous OUG 13, which would decriminalize several graft offences.